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Autopilot Homestead

Many of us (myself included) are interested in homesteading. There are many different reasons to homestead. One reason, and probably one of the more common reasons, is the price of food keeps getting higher and higher. One top of that, you are paying high dollar for food that you may or may not know the origins of, any may be loaded full of all sorts of pesticides and GMOs. Another reason may be that you just want to be prepared for a shortage or an emergency. The reason I choose to homestead is both, but I also wanted to be self sufficient. Autopilot Homestead can take care of all of those needs.

One issue I personally had, was lack of knowledge of gardening. A serious lack of knowledge of types, needs, seasons, and general care. Autopilot Homestead covers this in great detail with the A to Z of gardening section. This course will guide you through most every type of vegetable and how to care for it, as well as the proper seasons. This will save you a lot of trail and error, and some poor harvests.

Autopilot Homestead also covers taking care of common farm animals, as well as pest control. This course covers a tremendous amount of knowledge in over 500 pages of content. The claim is to get your homestead up a running nearly on autopilot in as little as 7 days. Now I find this to be a bit of a stretch. I do however, think that this is one of the best sources for a compilation of all things survival on a homestead. It is referred to as homesteading for preppers so many, many things are covered. Things that I definitely did not think of before reading this book.

The Autopilot homestead course comes with the book plus PDFs and Videos. It also comes with 3 bonuses. The 3 bonus materials are as follows

Bonus #1 first is the Autopilot Homestead Action Plan booklet, to help you put everything from the main course into practice. No theory, just things to do one step at a time.

Bonus #2 is a collection of over a dozen PDF printables: daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal planning sheets for crop growing, care and health records for each animal, an incubation chart, and many more goodies.

Print them out and keep them handy on your fridge, in your barn, basement or anywhere else you might need them:

The 3rd bonus is titled 37 Ways to Boost Your Energy. Whether you feel tired because of all the unhealthy food you’ve been eating, or because your job is stressing you out, we’re giving you 37 ALL NATURAL ways to feel energized, and more confident from this day forward.

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