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Building a chicken coop

One of the most common animals on any homestead is the chicken. Chickens provide healthy organic eggs, meat, and can be used to keep insects away from your garden. Sometimes even ward off snakes. Chickens however, need protection from the elements, as well as predators that are after either them, or their eggs. I learned this lesson the hard way. I built a very crude and improper coop. We lost several chicks and 2 hens due to a poorly designed and thought out coop. Another problem we had, was that the chickens laid eggs all over the place in the yard rather than in their nests inside the coop. It wasn’t until I did a quick online search and found Building a Chicken Coop that I finally had success.

There are many designs from This Guide from simple to more complex and from small to large. I choose design #1 “Bill’s Coop”. One reason for this was, we lived in a neighborhood will codes and close together houses so it had to be visually pleasing. It was also large enough for our small number (6) of chickens. No more missing chickens being kidnapped by other animals. (We suspect coyotes) No more hunting for eggs all over the yard like it was Easter. The best part was that even though this coop was far superior to our old one, but it didn’t cost more to build. It was roughly the same cost.

Now that we have a little more property, I am in the process of building a coop from plan #2. This one is my favorite and the cage can be extended to however long you want depending on your needs. See below photo. Over all I think this is likely the best chicken coop guide on the market. If you are interested in a quality, efficient and visually pleasing chicken coop, I recommend the Building a Chicken Coop guide.

Plan #2

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