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EMP Protocol

EMP is short for electromagnetic pulse. This can be man made or natural. If it is natural then it will likely be from the sun, and most of the world would be affected, however, if it is man made, it will likely be a terrorist attack and be in a localized area. An EMP will take out all electronics within the zone of it’s effectiveness. This includes most modern automobiles as well. Many people fear it will be a simultaneous attack on a 3 power grids in the Unites States. It is no secret that an proper well executed EMP attack is America’s Achilles heel. So, what can you do to prepare?

EMP Protocol addresses this very issue. This course covers exactly what to do in such an emergency as well as how to create 3 different types of faraday cages that will protect your devices from just about any EMP. My personal favorite part of this course is the fact that it will teach you three of the safest ways to make electricity and then hide the fact that you have that electricity. In such an event, it will not take long for neighbor to turn on one another without electricity. We as a culture, have learned to rely on it. If it is discovered you have electricity, you will be bombarded with people at your door.

With this course, not only will get EMP Protocol, but you will get five bonus courses!

Bonus #1Getting Home When S.H.T.F.-This course goes over the steps to take under any emergency to make sure you make it home to your family safe.

Bonus #2Barter for your Life– This course gives tips a strategies to properly barter in a post apocalyptic world

Bonus #3How to Prep Under the Radar– This course will  give you lots of ideas on how to prepare without anyone suspecting you’re doing it.

The last two bonuses are straight and to the point… They’re lists of things to do or buy for emergencies. No fancy talk, no fluff, just the items you need, plus checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything.

>>Get all 5 courses for $39<<

Everything in these courses are incredibly helpful, but I did need to protect larger items. I was most concerned for our generators. Luckily, I found this EMP cloth. This cloth is 15ft. long and about 3.5ft. wide. That is fairly large and will cover just about any generator you need. This EMP cloth is made from 23% copper, 27% nickel, and 50% polyester.

This cloth is one of the largest EMP protection products on the market, and can be used for just about anything. If you are concerned about an EMP attack, you need one of these.

>>Get the EMP cloth here<<

>>Get the EMP Protocol course here <<

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