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Hunting back pack/ Bug out bag

When I used to prepare BOB (bug out bags), I almost always packed them up for tactical purposes only. Maybe it was the paranoia in me that thought if ever I needed such a bag it would be in the event I was under attack. Can’t blame me for that, Holly wood raised me that way. It wasn’t until recently I started looking at this more realistically. What it means to actually bug out, or very long term camping. This is where the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag comes in to play.

This bag is one of the more practical bags on the market that I have found. The quality and durability is great. The rifle pouch is incredibly handy. This bag has both hunting, and self defense in mind. Not only does it have a hanging rifle pouch but a pistol holster and ammo pouch. (see below image). It truly is the best of both worlds

The bag also has a unique feature of being able to detach the bag itself from the frame it is on. This is so you can use the frame to carry any larger game on your back until you reach your camp. I can’t say in good faith that the ALPS outdoor hunting bag is the last or only bag I’ll own, but it sure is my favorite for now and the foreseeable future.

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